January 2017


Difficulties People Faced with Mis-selling of PPI

The amount of trouble that the people faced due to the PPI scandal is simply immense. The scandal runs in billions of pounds and there are millions of people who have lost a lot of money due to it. The people are now able to get back their money by claiming for PPI Claims, but it is of course, an unnecessary hassle that they are made to go through.

Also, the people who had PPI were never able to enjoy its benefits because the banks or their agents misinformed the customers about its benefits coverage or eligibility. Most of the people who purchased PPI and paid for its instalment could actually never receive its benefits, because the PPI was so designed that it had very complex clauses for payouts. So, in most cases the payouts could not happen, while the bank continued to collect the instalments from the customers. This made PPI one of the most profitable policies of the bank.

Here are some of the problems that people had to face when they were mis-sold PPI –

  • When people bought PPI, they thought that they had insurance on their loan that will keep them save. Problems surfaced when they came to know that their PPI was rejected and they still have to pay for the loan even if they do not have the ability to do so. People did not know that their PPI was invalid.
  • Many lenders would club the loan and the PPI amount without explaining it to the borrowers. This meant that they were paying higher interest on their loan amount as well as the PPI.
  • Many people did not actually know that they could reject the PPI. If the people had the means to pay for the loan and did not need the PPI, they could simply reject it.
  • In many cases, the PPI was sold to the people who already had PPI, so customers were made to pay twice for it.

These are the major inconveniences that the customers had to face due to the mis-selling of PPI, and which made PPI scandal one of the largest ever in the financial history of the country.


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Choose the Best Health Insurance Policy in India

Your health is very important and if you want to live a longer life, you always have to pay attention to your health and be healthy or at least veer away from any possible accidents that may end up happening. Of course, accidents cannot be expected, but at least be cautious enough to keep yourself away from danger.

Health insurance is one of the most crucial aids in today’s world where medical costs have started to rise drastically as every day starts to pass. A medical crisis like accidents or critical illnesses can result in longer stays at the hospital that can leave you with a very serious financial problem unless you have something that can pay for your expenses.

So, what exactly is the best health insurance policy in India? And what do you think would be the best for your needs? Today where so much information is available and so many people put in all the needed effort to spread awareness, there is a safe approach when it comes to purchasing your health insurance. Sometimes the main cause of this could be the lack of information or knowledge about the aspects that should be examined when buying a medical insurance plan and filing for claims successfully.

There are many ways that you can choose the best insurance policy, and here are some things you need to consider to choose the best one:

  • Look at the number of members and their age when you are looking for insurance, it will be better to pick something that you can also use for tax planning health insurance India you will have to list down how many members you have in your household that you want to make your beneficiaries and their appropriate age. Not all insurance will grant coverage if the person is either very ill, or passed the legal age to get insured. There will always be some companies out there that will look into your age and how many people you have in our home, so make sure to list down everything and be sure to be honest with it, so that they can recommend an insurance plan that will be suitable for your needs. Also, that there will also be a maximum number of family members that you can insure depending on the kind of policy.
  • Compare and evaluate when you have already looked for a quotation, compare everything by placing them side-by-side. When choosing the best health insurance policy in India, it will be better to look at the features instead of the actual monthly price that you will be paying, as this can affect your choice. It will be better to pay for a health plan that has a lot of good benefits and its pricey, than to pay for something that is not of quality but have the wrong features.
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Top advantages of hiring a CPA professional

Maintaining a business is a huge responsibility and being a small business or startup owner, if you have to maintain the accounts by your own, it can become hectic and tiring altogether. Thus, hiring an accountant firm can be a sought after way if you can’t depend on individual accounts professional. Moreover, maintaining an accountant in your payroll can be expensive and this might be a burden for you after a certain point of time. Instead of that, outsourcing the company’s auditing and tax responsibilities to one of the best accounting firms Fort Collins can be a good decision.

Let’s check out the benefits of hiring a CPA professional—

Give more time to your business

Instead of spending hours in calculating the accounts and bookkeeping of the business, you can outsource the responsibility to your chosen CPA professional at a reliable firm and can spend the hours in developing your business. If you are a small business owner or especially a startup, this is going to be a favorable decision for your commercial growth and you will be thankful for taking the smart decision after some time.

Save money

By hiring a CPA professional you can get your job done at a much affordable rate. Considering the market competition, you can be able to save your hard earned money, by hiring an accountant professional. It doesn’t matter if you are outsourcing the service from a different area as nowadays everything is done online and your accountant can also update you with the daily reports. Also, you can save extra dollars by outsourcing the job. There is no need to hire a bookkeeper or an accountant on your regular payroll. The tax accountant Fort Collins will also take care of your taxes as well.


So, like this, you can enjoy the advantages of hiring a CPA professional.

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How Does Estate Planning Work?

Long term financial planning is important. After all, there are lots of variables you have to consider; and that is why it is important to plan your financial future carefully.  Of course, there are also lots of different ways to plan for the future concerning your finances.


The Rothenberg Group estate planning involves looking at various pre-prepared tasks that will help you better examine the outlook of your assets in the future. In fact, estate planning can even ensure that the wealth accrued in your life—regardless of its size—is managed appropriately, even after your death.  Estate planning helps you to map out a path of benefits for your investments, financial accounts, and other assets at various places in the future.  This, of course, includes the bequeathing of assets to heirs or other third parties, such as charities or associated organization.


Breaking down the process of estate planning, it might help you to know that when people talk about their “last will and testament,” this is actually what they mean. That’ll give you a better idea what goes into estate planning.  OF course, the actual “will” is only a small part of this process.  More specifically, estate planning involves:

  • creating a will
  • establishing annual gifting that can be used to help reduce estate taxes
  • establishing an executor of your funeral arrangements
  • establishing a guardian for any living dependents
  • establishing power of attorney to help manage your account(s) and to direct other assets and additional investments
  • establishing trust accounts—in the name of one or more beneficiaries—to help you limit estate taxes
  • make a database of your dependents as well as other beneficiaries of investments, as well as life insurance
  • Pre-arrange your funeral or set up a fund for funeral arrangements


Fundamentally, estate planning acts similarly to life insurance. It is not entirely fascinating, as a topic and, unfortunately, you don’t really get to enjoy the benefits of it (because only those who are left behind after you pass will receive the payouts).  In the same way that you need medical insurance just in case you get sick and you need auto insurance just in case you get into an accident, you need life insurance for the inevitable event of your passing.

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