How to improve your stock trading results with options

When trading stocks, options can be an excellent way to improve your results and mitigate risks. Options are derivative financial instrument or vehicle that gives the buyer the right to trade a particular asset at a predetermined and agreed-upon price on or before a specific date. Options give traders more flexibility by enabling them to hedge their portfolios against short-term losses and speculate on long-term gains.

There are two types of options: a call option which gives the buyer the right to buy an asset or stock at a set price. A put option gives the buyer the right to sell an asset at the same predetermined price.

When trading options, it’s essential to understand your exposure and potential rewards. Options are generally less expensive than other financial instruments, such as stocks or futures, so they offer an opportunity for greater leverage on a limited budget. However, this also means you could incur more significant losses if the underlying asset’s price moves against you.

Covered call

Options can be used in various ways to improve stock trading results. One way is through covered calls, which allow traders to write call options on assets they already own to capture additional income from time decay (the gradual erosion of an option’s value due to its expiration). This strategy can generate extra cash flow while limiting downside risk.

The married put

Another strategy is the married put, which allows traders to purchase a put option on an underlying asset they wish to own while simultaneously buying the stock at the same time. This strategy gives them downside protection in case of a sudden drop in the stock’s price and prevents them from missing out on any upside if it rises.

Spread trading

Spread trading is a popular way to increase potential gains or reduce losses when trading stocks through options. A spread trade involves buying and selling options with different strike prices and expiration dates but with the same underlying asset. By taking advantage of differences in implied volatility between call and put contracts, traders can take advantageof a single move in either direction without exposing themselves to unlimited risk.

Options offer a wide range of strategies and can be used to diversify a trading portfolio while still taking part in the stock market. Understanding your exposure and potential rewards can improve your stock trading results with options trading. Familiarise yourself with different strategies, understand how they work, and practice with paper money before committing to capital. With this knowledge and experience, you’ll be well-positioned to take advantage of opportunities in Singapore while managing risk when trading stocks.

Why Singaporean traders use options trading strategies

Singaporean traders use options trading strategies for several reasons. Firstly, they can take advantage of the cost-effective structure of option contracts. Options require a much lower initial investment than stocks and other derivatives, allowing investors to speculate on potential returns with less capital outlay.

Options provide more flexibility regarding risk management and hedging strategies. For instance, traders can buy calls or put into protection against losses from volatile market conditions or implement spread trading strategies to maximise potential profits while limiting downside risks. Options offer the ability to leverage one’s portfolio without committing more capital. By purchasing an option instead of buying the underlying asset outright, traders can participate in price movements without committing a large sum of money upfront.

Singaporean traders also use options trading strategies because of their low transaction costs and high liquidity on the Singapore Exchange Market (SGX). The SGX has a wide range of products, including single stock options, index options and futures contracts for various international markets that enable investors to quickly diversify their portfolios across global exchanges. SGX provides access to real-time market data and advanced analytics tools such as comprehensive charting capabilities and advanced order types. It makes it easier for Singaporean traders to make informed decisions quickly and capitalise on market opportunities efficiently.


Options can be an excellent way to improve stock trading results and minimise risk. They offer flexibility regarding capital outlay, risk management and hedging strategies, and leverage opportunities without committing a large sum of money upfront. Singaporean traders can benefit from the low-cost structure, high liquidity and advanced analytics tools offered on the SGX market. Before opting into any options strategy, it is essential to thoroughly research the underlying asset and understand one’s exposure and potential reward. With this trading knowledge, you can make informed decisions quickly and maximise your stock trading returns with options.