December 2021


What is swing trading? How is swing trading used in the stock market?

Do you actively trade in the stock market? If yes, then you are reading the right article since this will help you to understand the concept of swing trading and how that works for retail investors. So, first, let us try and understand this strategy and compare it with the others in the market.

What is swing trading?

In a nutshell, swing trading strategies refer to a combination of day trading and trend trading strategies. It is the best of both these strategies and is used for multiple small short-term gains, making the profit sizable. Swing trading is more about weekly gains in the margin of 5%, and these short-term gains usually come in handy against long-term gains of above 25% over a few months.

Swing trading vs day trading

This is a widely debated topic in investing, and swing trading vs day trading have different kinds of returns. However, these two may seem similar to a layman who reads the theory and keeps it there. But, to an investor, there is an ideological difference in both strategies, which is the time involved in holding a position.

When it comes to day trading, you should not hold a stock for more than one day. However, when it comes to swing trading, you will need to hold the position for two days, at least. This entirely revolves around the demand and supply of any security in the stock market today.

Swing trading strategies

Many seasoned investors prefer to use different theories of swing trading, like the Fibonacci retracement, where they understand the resistance levels, or the T-line trading method, where the traders create a T-line to understand when to buy or sell their securities in the market.

Advantages of swing trading

  • Swing trading returns are usually fewer but more substantial than day trading, and this is one of the major reasons many new traders prefer to use this strategy to hold their positions.
  • You can recover your losses quickly with this technique and create enough cash flow every week. This helps to set up and acquire other investments for your portfolio.
  • You can also reduce speculations regarding trading since swing trading involves technical analysis and a study of the markets.

Disadvantages of swing trading

While there are no direct disadvantages of swing trading, still, since it is related to the markets, there are always chances that you can lose your money. This is because the markets respond to demand and supply and other forces that can reduce the prices of the stocks.

The bottom line

If you can afford to hold your position for more than a few days and work around the trends, you should consider trying swing trading. Remember to set your profit targets and use stop-loss orders to maximise profits and minimise losses in the market.

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Technology scams in 2021 that you need to protect yourself from

We all know that the Internet is full of various fake companies and scam sites. There is almost no individual in the world who, at least at some point, has not been the victim of a cybercrime scam.

Various technological scams, such as the fraudulent company of Omri Shafran, have become common in the virtual world and are often difficult to distinguish from legitimate sites. Sometimes it takes various techniques and information about the most common scams on the Internet to recognize a scam site.

Prevention, i.e. not falling into the trap of scammers, is undoubtedly the best solution. You need to know what the most common scams are in the digital world for something like that. Here is the list of the most usual cons in 2021 that you must pay attention to.

#1 Phishing scams are the most common

If you haven’t heard of phishing, you should know that it refers to sending fraudulent text messages and emails to trick you into revealing personal information to steal account numbers or passwords. Most importantly, these scams are known to unleash malware on your devices so that they can gain access to your computer.

So, what do the phishing schemes include? The answer is fake spoofs of famous companies or invoices. Email is there to tell you if there is any problem with your account, requesting you to click on a specific link to confirm that you’ve been a victim of fraud.

These scam texts and email messages are how scammers get unauthorized access to accounts to commit many scams and banking frauds. It’s interesting to know that, in just one year, the FBI reports victims lost more than $57 million.

#2 Fake online stores

One of the most common scams is fake online shopping. Today, when everyone can open a website and resell things, almost every cybercriminal has the opportunity to cheat their customers. These scammers are taking advantage in that they offer unrealistically low prices and huge discounts that are “too good to be true”.

These cybercriminals are setting up fake websites, offering something that seems to be legitimate merchandise. Once you provide your credit card or payment information, scammers will run up your bill, charge you much higher prices for items, or make additional purchases with your data.

#3 Coronavirus-related scams

Given the fact that the whole planet is fighting a coronavirus pandemic, it is not surprising why cybercriminals are abusing this situation, making fake sites to schedule vaccinations, selling negative tests, various “suspicious preparations” against the virus, and the like.

As people are in fear and lack relevant information, many become victims of such scams and, and they do not check the site itself, leaving them their personal and bank data, which they later scamper and misuse.


Although it may be challenging to recognize a scam site today, it is not impossible. Some technological things can mean that you realize that this is a scam. So, what you need to make sure is that:

  • The domain name is grammatically correct and does not imitate a big brand,
  • The date of founding the site is not from yesterday, the day before yesterday, since fake sites are the most common banned and short-lived.
  • The content on the site itself is original, relevant, and without (too obvious) grammatical errors.
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Wealth Management: A Holistic Approach to One’s Financial Life

Wealth management is an investment advisory policy that includes several services for families and individuals to protect wealth better, its growth, and a healthy work-optional lifestyle. Wealth managers guide individuals and help them undertake wealth management policies to lead a better life. In a way, it can be said that wealth management is a more comprehensive approach where wealth managers assist people regarding their retirement plans and build an investment profile according to one’s lifestyle and standard.

So, it is essential to form a good relationship with the wealth manager for better wealth management. Choose a wealth manager or a wealth management company that can be relied upon entirely.

Why choose wealth management?

Here are the reasons as to why one should opt for wealth management from beforehand:

  1. Makes one prepared for any crisis

Unpredicted events may occur anytime. One has to be prepared for untoward happenings. It is expected that one will be prepared for such situations with the necessary wealth management policies. Only having a wealth management policy is not enough. One has to be ready for untoward happenings. It has to be strategized well so that it can soften the impact of sudden disruptions. Instead of reaching out to a financial manager after a mishap has occurred, take a precautionary approach.

  1. Provides a broader view of opportunities

When one has the assistance of a wealth manager or a reliable wealth management company, one can get a value proposition beyond the traditional financial market. With the emergence and inclusion of various technologies in the financial sector, a non-specialist can’t find the best investment policy for him, especially after retirement. Hiring wealth management services from beforehand will allow people to get the desired financial security after retirement.

  1. Reduced taxes

It is known to all that with great money comes excellent taxes. None can escape from the tax bills. The purpose of an effective wealth management company is to house the investments in the correct order and inculcate proper tax planning to keep the expenditures low. Hiring an experienced wealth manager can help people navigate all tax-related matters.

  1. Optimal use of time

All people plan to maximize their earnings. But doing it without professional help is going to take a lot of time. It is because one has to research the market, study financial reports, analyze economic data and then take the necessary financial decisions. All these responsibilities can be bestowed on a reliable wealth management team.

  1. Gather better financial knowledge

When one comes under a professional wealth manager or a wealth management team, it is their job to educate clients about finances. As a result, one gathers a lot of financial knowledge. Also, every person should know where his money is going and how it can contribute to an individual’s growth.


Therefore, before one gets retired, one should hire the services of a wealth management company and ensure to invest his wealth in the correct strategy so that it can benefit him at the right time.

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