How to redecorate your Home for the Festive Season 2021

As the festive season approaches, it is time to set things in motion and kickstart the celebratory season. What better way to celebrate than by doing so in your own home? The festive season brings with it a number of attractive discounts and offers that can entice you into wanting to make purchases. However, not all of these commodities are affordable and some might only be able to pay them with the aid of equated monthly installments (or EMIs). Home décor and furnishings for instance are expensive. Read on to understand how to redecorate your home for the festive season this year.

Décor 101 – Need vs Price

Redecorating your home during the festive season is strongly encouraged as the new furnishings and wares bring with them new, positive vibes that are much needed during this time. Moreover, they add a fresh look to your home and as we are now spending a lot more time indoors it is important to be comfortable in the space in which we reside.

Now, despite the fact that redecorating your home during the festive season is encouraged, it isn’t always affordable. The price of home furnishings has been on the rise and not everyone can spare the money when they have other expenses to account for each month.

The ability to pay for furniture with EMIs is, therefore, a blessing. The Bajaj EMI card entitles you to the same such that you can shop stress-free!

Furniture Bought via EMIs

The Bajaj EMI Network Card lets you shop for furniture by converting each of your transactions into EMIs. These purchases can be made at its online partner stores of which there are several.

Buying furniture on EMI is easy and you have the option to choose from a wide range of furnishings including but not limited to sofas, storage cabinets, beds, shoe racks, and beds.

The Bajaj Finserv Partners online marketplace has a number of stores under its belt and boasts partnerships with stores like Hometown, Pepperfry, and Nilkamal among others.

As a buyer, all you are required to do is visit the partner stores’ websites or peruse their products on Finserv MARKETS and select the products most viable for your home. Use your EMI card in order to make your payment at checkout such that you can successfully buy furniture online.

No Cost EMIs

No cost EMIs imply you are not required to pay any additional interest on the principal. In layman’s terms, this means that you aren’t charged with any EMI in addition to the cost of the product itself.

You can buy a wide range of furnishings with no-cost EMIs applicable on the same. This means you can buy home decor online with Bajaj EMI card or a sofa, study table, or recliner. The options are endless – all you’ve got to do is explore the offerings and select what you think serves your needs best. 

Benefits of Buying Furniture Online

For those of whom are uncertain about buying furniture online, it brings with it a number of benefits that aren’t available when visiting physical stores. These benefits include the following.

  • Hours of operation – When shopping online for furniture you have the freedom to peruse the product offerings at a time that works best for you. You are no longer dependent on or have to follow store timings.
  • Location – As opposed to having to make a trek to a furniture store, online shopping for furniture can be done in the comfort of your own home or anywhere of your choice for that matter.
  • No pressure – When you shop for furniture online you aren’t pressurized by a sales assistant to make a purchase. Instead, you have the freedom to come back to a product as often as you’d like before making a decision.


Shopping for furniture online has never been easier and ought to be taken advantage of this festive season. Visit the Fiserv MARKETS online to discover more offers today!