Travel to Maldives Post-Pandemic: A Revenge Traveller’s Guide

People want to travel more than ever because of the pent-up demand for leisure travel, the new hybrid work environments, and the money saved by families during the pandemic. Vacations have now become more than a necessity. As you pack your belongings, remember to pack travel insurance from a known company like Bajaj Allianz travel insurance.

Revenge travel: A new trend

There is a new trend among travellers, and it is called “revenge travel.” It does sound like something violent, but it’s not. Revenge travel results from the travel industry’s lockdown and restrictions during the pandemic.

India seems to have a strong travel culture, as people are getting ready to visit nearby vacation spots to get back to travel. But travellers aren’t as eager as they used to be to meet new people and learn about other cultures. Today, it’s all about finding easy on the pocket, quiet and peaceful places to visit.

Maldives: A favourite among Indians

Tourism in Maldives has seen a boom after the pandemic because it is a relaxed place for a vacation, especially for people from India. Maldives is one place close to India where honeymooners and families do not mind spending extra to enjoy luxury.

There are direct flights to the destination, on-arrival visas, beautiful resorts, and lots of fun things to do. A Maldives travel insurance would be extremely helpful in case of any emergencies.

Why is Maldives such a popular place to go on vacation?

  • Known as the perfect place for nature lovers
  • Visitors can enjoy an unmatched luxury
  • The huge amount of sea life
  • The best romantic getaway
  • Privacy, space, and security
  • The resort experience
  • Adventure activities (water sports)
  • Delicious Maldivian food
  • Economy and proximity

What to expect?

The Maldives is home to fascinating landmarks and offers various exhilarating adventure sports to partake in, making it one of the most exciting tourist destinations in the world. Since there would be a lot of adventure sports you can participate in, remember to buy an insurance policy that offers adequate coverage for adventure sports as one of the many benefits of travel insurance.

Maldives during the pandemic: Tourism in the Maldives hit a new low because of the pandemic. Maldives shut its borders for the first time in its history from March 27, 2020, to July 15, 2020. This was done to stop the virus from spreading and stop all travel in the Maldives. But since late 2020, tourists have returned steadily as the virus is now under control and more than two-thirds of the country’s population has been vaccinated. As you plan to resume your travel once again, book your insurance from Bajaj Allianz travel insurance. Most travel insurance now covers testing positive for Covid too.

Promotion to attract tourists: Maldives is trying to improve its image by taking advantage of how travellers’ tastes are changing. The Maldives started a marketing campaign in 2020, whose slogan was “Isolation never looked so good”, to promote it as a niche destination.

Vacation companies have found a particular market for Maldives packages, and some allow travellers to customise their own Maldives vacations.

The way forward: The global travel industry is still in the wood, but it’s good to see Maldives taking bold steps to get back on its feet faster, using new tools and an effective and efficient approach.

To sum up, places worldwide open their doors to tourists with restrictions lifted each passing day. Travel insurance is mandatory in some countries. E.g., Schengen travel insurance is a prerequisite for visiting many European countries.

Even though it might not be a mandate in the Maldives, it is highly recommended that you buy travel insurance, more so now as Covid has brought with itself a lot of uncertainty.

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