Who can become a bike insurance agent?

The motorcycle insurance agent is one of the best financial careers anyone can start, even inexperienced. Based on your hard work with this role, you can start earning a better income just within the first year. One thing to note with this role is that it is not easy. You need to have the guts to be resilient to gain the muscle that will build your strength to be a bestseller in the future.

When starting this role, you may find it hard even getting the clients, but once you start building your customer or potential client pool, you will see the fruits of this role. The frequently asked question is how one can become one. To find the answer to this question, let’s explore more and find out who can become a bike insurance agent?

Here are the people who can become bike insurance agents:

18 and above years old

You can become a motorcycle insurance agent if you are 18 years and above. The number one requirement is that bike financial intuitions require before hiring you. If you are less than 18 years, you cannot work in any organization in other states. Therefore, any person who is 18 years and above can become a bike insurance policy agent.

Extrovert person

People who have a fighting spirit can make a good profession in this field. It is not the field for those people with a faint of heart. It is because the job is hard initially, and you need to have perseverance has its ups and downs. You will receive rejections now and then before you get a large pool of clients.

Therefore, only those who have the stamina to conquer the rejections and low seasons can become insurance agents. But the one with a faint heart can start the role but quit on the way. Here, if you are not afraid of conflict or soft-spoken, you are the ideal person to become an insurance agent.

Educated person

Though some cases, some intuition does not put education as a requirement for becoming an insurance agent; however, having a high school is an added advantage. At least with formal education, you will understand the terms used in the insurance field or assist the clients in filling forms or raising a claim.

Inexperience professionals

A motorcycle insurance agent is one of the roles that anyone from any professional field can do. Even if you are fresh from a university, there is no experience that the insurance institution checks before hiring you. You need to know that you are good to go so long as you can prospect and get an ideal customer to buy the bike policy.

Licensed person

In most states, not everyone can start selling bike insurance unless authorized to do so. Here only licensed insurance agents can take this role and serve the people. Failure to that you cannot become a bike insurance agent because it is against the law. Therefore to become one, you need to acquire a license from the government insurance authority.


A motorcycle insurance agent is a promising career, but one thing to know before starting it involves constant networking, hustling, and handling rejection. Most intuition can give a retainer or a salary for their agent to get started, but once you start making a sale and become productive, they will pay you based on commission.

To be good in this field, you will also need to know how to become a good salesperson because the job involves customer prospecting and selling the insurance policies to the clients.